We offer simultaneous interpretation and audio-visual equipment, as well as discussion microphone and tour guide systems for hire.

Interpreting equipment

Infrared-linked equipment

We offer simultaneous interpreting language distribution equipment that is entirely wireless – nothing needs to be plugged in so people can move freely around the venue if required. The technology uses infrared transmitters. This infrared transmission system caters for meetings of between five and 10 000 delegates. It offers access to up to 32 different languages simultaneously through simple, light and elegant headphones and pocket clip-on receivers.

The system offers excellent sound quality and is very secure (infrared cannot penetrate walls or ceilings so keeps proceedings ‘within four walls’). Other features include easy-to-use controls, comfortable headphones, reduced power consumption for longer battery life and high volume for enhancing interpretation for those hard of hearing. The microphones can also be used as receivers – two delegates sharing a microphone can ‘plug in’ to two different channels.

We use state-of-the-art equipment. More information on specific products is available on request.

Delegate microphone system

Our delegate microphone system is easy to install. It provides high levels of flexibility, control, convenience and audio quality. There is no interference or signal corruption from lighting or other sources.

We provide distribution units tailored to your needs where small groups or individuals can:

  • Listen
  • Speak
  • Receive simultaneous interpretation
  • Register a request to speak
  • Receive screen messages
  • Hold conversations via an intercom.

The operator, using a personal computer, can activate and deactivate delegate microphones and create lists of eligible speakers and voters.

The chairperson’s unit can temporarily mute all other active microphones, allowing effective conference control.

Tour guide equipment

If you require more flexibility for site inspections, short meetings in multiple venues or for other small-scale requirements, you could consider a tour guide system. This allows the interpreters to continue simultaneous interpretation but does not allow for two-way conversation.

Audio-visual equipment

We offer:

  • PA systems (mixing desk, powered speakers)
  • Lapel and hand-held microphones
  • Data projection: projectors and laptops, as well as screens: presentations can be pre-loaded and tested
  • Video filming, audio recording and projection
  • Recording of discussions, hearings and informal meetings for accurate reporting or archiving

Technical support

Our technical support includes:

  • Setting up and attending to interpreting equipment and delegate microphone systems
  • Recording proceedings (audio) of floor language and interpreters’ voices (with special permission from the interpreters)
  • Assisting with visual aids for presentations
  • Loading and testing presentations
  • Video recording